Ford pinto case

Essay by kfehrle April 2004

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When I started reading this I was in utter amazement that anyone would be allowed to do this. What the Ford Company did to all those 900 people is a crime. This is such a good example of cooperate greed.

When Ford put this car out they knew it was dangerous. They did 40 crash tests and found the problem. So they manufactured it knowing about the problem. But they found it more cost effective to deal with the deaths of the people instead of fixing the problem. Ford estimated that each death was worth $200,000. It is sick how you could actually put a price on a human life.

Ford manufactured this car in 25 months. It normally took 42 months. Ford wanted to get the Pinto out in time to compete with the VW bug. Ford's two main concerns when building this car was style and cost.

They wanted the car to weight 2000lbs and cost $2000.

This case goes along with Bonger's theoretical model. Ford was so concerned about making money that they put it over the safety and lives of their customers. The sad part about this was it took 8 years and 900 lives to fix the problem when Ford knew about it from the beginning.