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What obligations do you feel the bank has to ensure that its employees are not harmed, for instance, by having their chances for advancement limited by the social customs of a host country?

Sara Strong did the right thing and followed orders and tried to comply to the best of her ability with no success. Because of Security Bank of the American Continent's actions Sara Strong suffered and the Bank had an obligation to her and their employees but failed. Security Bank of the American Continent had an obligation to all employees to make sure that everyone was receiving fair treatment and their employees were not being subjected to the culture down falls of Mexico.

Sara Strong had her rights protected under the Title VII of the Civil Act of 1964, which states that, no discrimination from any business pertaining to race, color, religion, sex and national origin. The civil act of 1964 also protects any employee who opposes unlawful discrimination acts from employer retaliation.

What international moral code, if any, is being violated by the bank?

The U.N. has a declaration on human rights and almost every country belongs to the U. N. United states and Mexico is members of the U. N. and knows regardless of any interpretation what the human rights are. The first one clearly states that a business will try and avoid depriving a human, and secondly the business will look at ways to prevent from depriving a human, and finally businesses will aid any human that is deprived. Sara Strong is protected by the United Nation's declarations for human rights.

The Security Bank of the American Continent is in danger of being sued for engaging with the Mexican government in the violations of human rights.

The Security Bank of the American Continent knew...