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Integrative Summary # 3

In Loescher and Dowty Refugee flows as grounds for international action, they argue, "states have security interests that justify intervention in the internal affairs of other states from which refugees are fleeing" (Loescher and Dowty 2003). Refugees are individuals fleeing their homes due to conditions that exceed those considered "normal", and policies formulated in their regard and attitudes towards them will in some cases mean the difference between life and death. The author's talk about the provisions of the customary international law and that it has nothing specific to say about refugees because the issue did not exist in the past. This is not because there were no refugees in the past but that only in the twentieth century did refugees flows explode and become to be regarded as a threat. In Posen Military Responses to Refugee Disasters emphasis has been placed on humanitarian assistance such as disaster relief, refugee management, and humanitarian intervention during conflicts by the military forces of all nations.

The role of the military in humanitarian assistance has been the subject of much recent debate, as the ability of the United States to mount an effective emergency response is linked to our nation's strategic policy and planning. This article describes the understanding of the evolving concepts of strategic disaster management and the role of Joint Military Commands in providing disaster relief.

In Taras and Ganguly Ethnic Conflict And International Norms the authors talk about the international normative regime. "The international normative regime is the universally recognized norms, rules, procedures, and principles of behaviors within the international system that govern the interstate system and membership in that system"(Taras and Gauguly 2009). They also talk about two fundamental international norms: the doctrine of state sovereignty and the concept of national self-determination. The doctrine of...