Foreign Exchange Policy: Should American citizens begin buying more American products to help the United States economy?

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The United States is importing a much higher percentage of goods than it is exporting, therefore making the U.S. economy drop. By doing this, the U.S. is also saving a lot of third world countries from complete poverty. Cheap imports from China have saved American consumers billions of dollars. It is unlikely that Americans will start buying American products as an alternative to foreign products. Although a balance of exports and imports would solve this issue.

I myself have become accustomed to buying foreign products. When I go shopping for clothing, the majority of what I buy has been made in Europe. When I shop for accessories I find that most of them have been made in China or Japan. It never entered my mind to look for American made products to help the overall economy. Being that American products are usually more expensive than foreign products, it's more convenient to purchase foreign goods.

My father also tends to buy foreign products. When he was planning on purchasing a vehicle he made it clear that he did not want an American car. He said American cars are supposedly worse than foreign- made cars and have a bad reputation. Instead he purchased a Lexus SUV, which was manufactured in Japan.

The official international trade website states that the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced in December that the U.S. has a goods and services deficit of $61.2 billion. In a related article it was stated that to solve this issue we are trying to balance out our exports and imports instead of taking away from other countries. The U.S. has imposed restrictions on foreign countries to reduce the flood of goods into the market place. Other than free trade agreements, there has also been an increase...