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What factors influence the food habits of this culture?Most of the foods which we now associate the Mexican culture with have been this way for many years and haven't changed that much. Increase in global trading has allowed some select ingredients to be imported for consumption all year round but this is not necessary for most of their meals. This is because most of the Mexican region is fairly high above sea level and is near the Earth's equator, falling across the Tropic of Cancer. These two factors mean that most of the Mexico experiences a moderate to warm climate throughout the entire year making farming and grow of produce very consistent.

The use of more modern cooking and preparation styles has allowed some Mexican dishes to be changed slightly or redesigned; using methods of deep-frying or newer/mixed spices that are not traditionally Hispanic.

Having no official religion and a majority of Christian followers means that no special eating/food habits are practiced by most of the Mexican population.

What types of ingredients/foods are used?Most customary Mexican meals are made using corn, tomato, vanilla, chile peppers, beans and turkey however due to Spanish colonialization more base ingredients are now associated as being traditionally Mexican. These include: rice, chicken, pork, beef, onion and garlic.

These base ingredients are often mixed together to form salsas or thick stews which can be poured over rice or bean beds to form a stand for the main serving which is usually a meat. The meat will have its own spice, garlic and onion combination added on top, giving a huge variation in flavours.

Explain how the foods are prepared, served and eaten.

Modern cooking methods of Mexican style dishes usually involve grilling, frying or boiling most of the ingredients; leaving mainly spices to be added to...