Foreign policy and national defense

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Over all the years in which the United States has been a super power there have been issues in where it has been questioned on if America is playing a big role in the matters of foreign policy. Sometimes the question arises on if America has too much power and what exactly they should be able to do with this power. With Alliances and Organizations formed such as the U.N., NATO, and WTO, the United States helps within these organizations by funding and trying to create solutions sometimes with other countries, or by themselves. With the way that the U.S. Deals with it's foreign policies, a couple of questions arise:

1. How are Americans involved in foreign policy?

2. How does national security/military power play a significant role in foreign policy?

3. Isolationist, unilateralist, and multilateralist... What is the U.S.?

4. What Is the presidents responsibilities in foreign policy? Congress?

5. How do American Business, interest groups, and social movements play a role in Foreign policy?

6. How much should Americans as citizens of democracy have a role in foreign policy?

How Are Americans involved in foreign policy?

As stated before with such organizations as the United Nations, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the World Trade Organization, America keeps on top of what it should do as a super power country. They are looking into their problems as well as ones from other countries and trying to figure out ways to solve disputes. As an example in the article "G.O.P senators say money for Iraq Must Be Grant, Not loan" (The New York Times, Thursday October 2, 2003), the journalist speaks about Iraq and what the U.S. can do financially wise to help the country. Giving this money to Iraq can both be good and bad because the...