Forensic Psychiatry In the Criminal Justice System

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Forensic Psychiatry In the Criminal Justice System

Thesis: Crime is inevitable, but with the strong skills from the mental health and

law enforcement community crime can be dealt with in a cooperative and

objective manner.

I. Forensic Psychiatry and the Law Enforcement

A. Insight To the Investigation

B. Morality and Motive

C. Successful Investigations

II. The First Studies of Profiling

A. Darwin Theory

1. First Attempts

2. Distant Descendants

B. Lumbroso Theory

1. Criminals Closely Related To Apes

2. Measuring Prisoners Heads

3. Distinct Characteristics

III. Today's Profiling

A. Typology and Failure

B. Physical Evidence

C. Acute vs. Chronic

IV Sex Offenders

A. Control and Dominance

B. Assessment and Treatment

1. Recidivism and Dangerousness

2. Victim Damage

C. Children Falling Prey

1. Offender's Have little Interest In Adults

2. Sadism During Rape

3. Cooperation of Mental Health and Law Enforcement Communities

Forensic Psychiatry


Forensic psychiatry has been defined as an interface specialty concerned with the

instrumental use of psychiatry, the application of psychiatric theory, principles, and

practice to legal issues for legal ends.

'Its psychiatric fact finding for legal purposes.'

(Curran, McGarry, Petty, 1980, p. 658 )

The main question for a trained investigator is what insight does the offender's

behavior provide into his own personal morality, and how does that lend itself to the

offenders motive and signature. Basically, what does the situation say about the

offender's present, past, and future behavior. The physical evidence should be the

starting point of the offenders profile. Behavioral analysis and the crime scene could be

misleading in an investigation, thats why the objective of the investigation should only be

on the offender's behavior in relation to the physical elements of the particular crime at


A successful investigation of serious criminal offenders involves extensive behavioral

profiling which takes strong skills...