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Essay Report Alessandra A

Police received a call from Northern Beaches State High School, regarding a death at the school. The victim was a 29 year old male, identified as Mr Hustler. Mr Hustler worked at the school, he was found before school commenced on a chilly Thursday morning at around 6:00am by a staff.

The rigor mortis had already started throughout the victim's arms and legs; forensic investigators found a minor abrasion to the forehead on the left hand side, markings are consistent with a golf club found at the scene. Investigators say the injury was not enough to cause Mr Hustlers death. A cut was found on the right hand side of the victim's hand, the marking appears to be caused by a knife found on the scene. No blood was found near the body, Investigators suspect the death was caused by heart failure.

After initial investigations by the police a number of suspects were determined, they were there teachers who worked at the high school.

Mr hall, stated that Mr Hustler supposedly texted him saying he would be going to work early in the morning for a workout at the school gym. Investigators examined two different partial prints found on the golf club which was found on the crime scene, One set belonged to the victim and the second finger print belonged to Mr Hall. When asked Mr hall claimed the gold club was a present he had given to the victim days before the death so he could use it on the weekend, he also admitted to know where the abrasion came from. Mr Hall practicing swinging in the school staffroom when he accidently hit Mr Hustler in the head. Mr hall told investigators he knew Ms Dillon was angry with Mr hustler saying...