Forest and Jenny

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Forest and Jenny

Forest Gump is the story of a man's journey through life and innocent reflections on what living is all about. It tells the story of a man that's entangled in life but survives the hardships through his simplicity. Forest who is seen by others to be stupid, but he has achieved more than any ordinary person. Because Forest is classed as stupid and has braces put on his legs to fix his spine, the kids he attends school with think of him as a freak, except one, Forests love, Jenny. Jenny is never far from Forest's thoughts, no matter what he is doing or where he is. Although Forest and Jenny are close friends from childhood, they have far more differences than similarities.

The first obvious difference between them is their character. Forest is very simple person. He remains a child in heart and spirit, even as his body grows to maturity.

Whereas Jenny is more vain. For example, she wants to become a star in future. There are a few minor similarities between them as well. They are both servile and impulsive.

Second, Forest and Jenny behave absolutely different toward their friends. Forest never forgets his friends and always helps them out in every way possible. He puts the safety of others before his when he keeps coming back for the others even when it meant putting his life in danger. However, Jenny is very reckless and cruel towards others. For example, she drifts in and out of his life through out Forests life which, understandable creates heart ache for Forest.

Third, one of the obvious differences is their parents. Forests mother is very smart and caring. While Jenny's father is unconscientious and reckless. He never thinks about Jenny because he is a drunk. Despite...