Forest Park

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Matthew Catagua

Mr. Pyle

English 12

8 October 2013


At times, stress gets the best of people, and it's difficult to cope with life's problems. Sometimes as people, we prefer to be alone and reflect on what is bothering us, in order to find a solution. To do this, many of us have a place to escape to, a place that is all our own, and we can always find peace in. For me, this place is the park, especially Forest Park on Woodhaven boulevard. This park often offers me solace when things are going south in my life, and it's also a place where I go and distract myself. My best thinking happens here, and I tend to remember my father's wisdom through this park.

My father works six days a week, but when I was younger, he made sure to always take me places, and one of the things he loved to do is go running with me on the track at Forest Park.

He used to slow jog, and I used to struggle to keep up, but he used to make sure to always encourage me and make sure I was confident in myself. He used to always say I can do anything I set my mind to, and that nothing can stop me. At times I forget this advice, and many other words of wisdom that he has taught me, but one visit to this park, and it all floods me once more. It's difficult to speak to him directly, because I barely see him, but a part of us is in this park, and it soothes me no matter what mood I'm in.

When I go to Forest Park, I love to run. Running is what I did with my father, and sometimes...