Forest Whispers - creative writing story.

Essay by crazyfrog November 2003

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The sun was hidden behind the only cloud in the sky and bathed the forest in an eerie half-light, although it was mid afternoon. Everything was peaceful. The comfortable lowing of cows, the whispering of leaves and a warm breeze filtered through branches.

The silence was broken by the loud crack of a twig as Jan walked down the sunburned path towards the water bank. She jumped, startled at the sudden snap. She thought a branch might've fallen from the battered oak tree which had love hearts and messages scratched into its bark.

An old fishing rod stood beside it, dug into the mud and the line trailing into the water. The fish seemed uninterested, just staring at the bait through the sheet of water and weeds. A worn leather bag lay beside the bank but there was no one in sight.

She stood where she was and listened carefully, keeping her breathing low.

Something rustled in the bushes. She walked over to it and stopped, smiling. How silly of her to think that there was something about. There was nothing suspicious at all. The fisherman was probably enjoying the scenery as she was, and it was the wind rustling the leaves.

She strutted over the bridge still following the path. She smelled the cool, musty scent of the forest. It seemed to be getting denser now, the undergrowth reaching out to grab her ankles and the thick leaves bowing over the path as if to block her way. Something moved behind her. She spun around but there was nothing. A crackle to her left. Something was there, she was sure of it now.

She began running, branches slapping her face and legs as she went, venturing deeper and deeper into the forest. The sunlight no longer found...