Forgetting and Forgiving

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Have you ever forget something in your life? Of course yes... that is the answer, but have you ever had the ability to forgive? Well, not all the time ... right? ...

The human self is so complicated... yes we can forget but we can't forgive all the time. But don't you know that the two words are always related to each other!

One of the greatest gifts that God gave us is to forget, many bad situations happen to us in our life and sometimes it is by the hands of the people we love so much. Forgetting in those situations is more curable to our soul and if we didn't forget, that will be a block in our life and will accumulate until it will be a big wall. We must forget so that we can continue our minutes and days in our life.

As a result of forgetting you forgive because when you forget the bad situations you will forgive the person.

And also as said "As you sow, you will reap" when you forgive you will be forgiven one day when you fall in mistakes. So as they said "as you give you will receive". So when you do something wait for the results of what you are doing.

Yes, God gave us the gift of forgetting but you must give yourself the gift of forgiving. But I don't mean that you should always meet the bad deeds with good ones, you must stop one time and take a decision so that others respect you and don't think of you as a foolish person.