Forging Connections through the World of Sport

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ESSAY QUESTION:To what extent does your text, related text, and text of your own choice either reflect or challenge the concept of ‘Forging Connections through the world of Sport.’INTRODUCTION – ASPECT AND THESISThe aspect of public perceptions is influenced by the media’s portrayal of context and culture in regard to the positive and negative connections in sport.

SET TEXT State of Origin 25 Years - DVDIn State of Origin 25 Years, there is a contrast between the way the media represents the context of rugby league and the two rival teams (NSW and QLD) as having a good relationship with each other. This contrast with the way the media portrays the culture and tradition of the fights on-field.

These fights are often the only side of the relationship between the two teams that is shown by the media to the general public via television and newspapers. This affects the public’s opinion, influencing the public to think that the teams are total rivals, or archenemies, while in reality many members of the teams are good friends and acquaintances.

An example of this contrast in the documentary is in the chapter about the fights, where the viewer is shown excerpts of video from the fight, which is what most of the public sees, and then the viewer is shown interview with the players that were involved in the fight, giving comments and recounting their experiences. There is usually absolutely no malice in the comments about the opposition; they are often commented about in a friendly way. “We discussed it later, had a good laugh about it” said Paul Harrigan, recounting a fight with some hard-hitting QLD players. This is typical of the comments from many of the players involved in fights, showing that the opposing teams are that only on the field.