I Forgive You.

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As I watched Orpheus' prone figure in the distance, a thought kept processing in my mind. Why wasn't he with his friends? I hesitated going up to him because of that fight we had a few days ago but he looked so sad and forlorn, I decided to do so anyways.

Well, nothing could've prepared me for the revelation that revealed itself to me.

Earlier today...

"Mom, I'm leaving!" I all but shouted while struggling with the confines of my jacket and looking around the kitchen for my lunch money. There was an odd scent in the air, a sweet...somewhat familiar scent. Ignoring the thought, I knew I'd figure out what it was sooner or later. After not having been able to spot the five-dollar bill, I figured that my mother must have forgotten. I really didn't have anytime to run back up the stairs and ask her for it so I just figured to forget about it.

My mother seldom forgot but from time to time, I had to remind her. I wish I could drive, because if I could drive, then I wouldn't be restricted by the schedule of the school bus. My hand shot up to cover up a yawn that had bubbled up in my throat. "If I had a car, I'd be able to sleep much later too," I muttered to myself before grabbing a bag of chips from the cabinets and stuffing it into my purse. Opening the door with my free hand, I dashed out of the house down the street towards my bus stop.

Once there, the bus rolled around the corner of the street and rumbled down. I tried to inch my way towards the front of the line but someone always budged. Having gone to sleep around the wee...