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Kristeena Gavilanes

English II, Period 4

Mrs. V. Owens


Forgiving is the Key to Happiness

Forgiving, a simple word to talk about but a hard word to live up to. Why? What makes it so hard for someone to just forgive and move on?

Forgiving a person can make the heart feel a thousand times lighter, and also helps one move on from stuff a little bit faster. Not forgiving someone for something they have done makes people think about it more than they actually should. It will just revolve around the head all day and it cannot just seem to leave the mind. In the Pearl, Kino hit Juana. Of course Juana is going to be upset at first, it is natural, but later she realized that there is no point of just keeping it in her heart so she just forgave him and moved on from it.

To forgive someone for the wrong they have committed makes the other the bigger and more mature one in the situation. When Juana forgave Kino, they went back to their old loving days. She was wise enough to know that holding a grudge against him would get her nowhere so she let it go. She moved on from the situation and forgot about it.

Forgiving someone for something does not just help the problem but helps someone have a good impression of themselves. People will always know that, that person is soft hearted and do not seek any trouble so they just would not do anything in the first place. It will simply tell them that they are smart enough to not have any enemies and just do not care about all that unnecessary stuff and people will always know them for being the good man, the good person...