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Life is a thing which is valuable to everyone. If you don't have life, importance of other things would not mean anything to you because you would not be able to experience them and that is why everyone tried to live so that they could experience things. Situations in life are not always the same, sometimes they become worse and person should be able to adapt them and live their life according to them. Otherwise, at the end you would be the one who will suffer, if you did not change. This novel is also based on these types of situation. Vahan is a main character who used to live in Bitlis with his family when Turkey jumped into World War One. The internal conflicts rise in the county between Armenians and Turks resulted in slaughtering of Armenians. The thinking of the person also changed as he experienced worst situations in his life.

The story is very effective about telling certain cause that resulted in the defeat of the Turks in the World War One along with the fact that racism and discrimination in the mind of people was at its peak at that time. Racism only results in disaster like world wars and affects the brotherhood between people and the countries.

First of all, main character in the novel is Vahan who was the youngest in the family and was a very spoiled child. He was unmannered and was unknown to the real world because he never experienced the difficulties of real life due to his dad's wealth who always provided him with everything. He thought, "In the outside world I thought of myself as a grown man, independent of my family, but in my own home I was merely a twelve-year-old boy who was frightened because of...