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Effects of Wellness Program on Northland Products EmployeesMatthew McFaddenVice-PresidentMedical J & M Business Systems, LLC12/21/2008Effects of Wellness Program onNorthland Products EmployeesMatthew McFaddenVice-PresidentMedical Sales, Records, and ServicesNorthland Products, LLC12/21/2008SummaryMany health issues are impacting the workplace. Heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes are examples of these issues impacting workplaces through increased healthcare and disability costs and reduced productivity. In 2007, US employers spent nearly $500 billion, or approximately 10% of payroll, on health insurance. Employee benefits costs represent a company's third largest expense behind cost of goods sold and non-manufacturing payroll with health insurance being the fastest growing component. Although once seen as a benefit meant to attract and retain employees, employer sponsored health insurance is becoming a costly burden as healthcare costs are rising faster than the rate of inflation. This trend has forced employers to either pass more costs onto their employees through higher co-pays and deductibles, or invest in employee health by providing benefits that promote healthy living, such as wellness programs.

Although difficult to capture, companies are realizing a return on investment and improvements to the bottom line from implementing wellness programs.

Wellness Health Programs (WHP) in the workplace provide both employees and employers with a host of benefits, including improved corporate image, improved job satisfaction, improved employee morale, reduced staff turnover, increased ability to handle job stress, and decreased conflicts at work. The WHP offered by most employers are usually a combination of educational, organizational, and environmental activities designed to support behavior beneficial to the health of employees. They consist of health education, screening, and interventions designed to achieve better health and reduce the associated health risks in employees.

Table of ContentsSummaryiTable of ContentsiiIntroduction1What is a WHP1Background and Development of WHP2A Preview of the Program and Potential Benefits 3Cost Savings4Wellness Helps Reduce Costs 5Business Costs5Conclusions7Appendix A:...