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Formal Teacher Observation





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Formal Teacher Observation.

The education sector constantly undergoes various alterations in a bid to perfect as much as possible the process of teaching and learning. Formal teacher observation is increasingly becoming a key method of achieving the aforementioned goal, among several others. This essay endeavors to elaborate on the planning and implementation of a formal teacher observation and the experience during the exercise.

This formal teacher observation emerges from the clinical model, developed by Cogan (1973) and Goldhammer (1969). The model contains three main cyclic phases of evaluation; the first phase being the pre-observation conference. This stage features the numerous aspects of teaching observed. They include the professional knowledge of the teacher, the instructional planning and delivery, the learning environment provided, the student learning and professionalism of the teacher.

The second phase, the classroom observation, shall focus and compare the aspects mentioned as they occur during the teaching process. Does the teacher possess enough knowledge on the subject being taught? Is the environment provided conducive for learning? Do the students understand the subject being taught? Is the delivery method of the teacher suitable for all students? The answers to all these questions are recorded as observed during the classroom activities. The recorded data are then analyzed in preparation for the post-conference stage of the observation.

The final stage of the observation features an in-depth discussion of the data collected during the previous phase. The observed teacher is provided with the notes made during the observation process, and feedback will be offered on the same. In conjunction with the teacher, suggestions on how to improve the entire learning process will be developed. The teacher is then advised...