"Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri's will for change in Lebanon"

Essay by kkjaber July 2005

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I think what motivates people to change is their desire for self-improvement. As I see it, every human being, at some point in time, has to succumb to an innate yearning for change. Whether it is a change in someone's life, surroundings, or character, everyone must pursue the urge to change for the better; for with change comes new experiences, insights, and opportunities that make you wiser, and more adaptive to new circumstances. Therefore, I do not know of any better motivator for change than a person's will, that is probably why the saying "Where there's a will there's a way" is so popular. Eventually, change has to come, and I know a man who has done a fine job at instituting change in a once war-torn country. He is none other than Mr. Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister, who has meticulously devoted all his efforts to the restoration of the country as an exceptional tourist destination, as it once was before the devastating civil war that is now, fortunately, in the past.

Mr. Hariri's will for change in Lebanon extended far and wide, for he was a well-traveled man who went to any length to help Lebanon in the three times he was elected as prime minister, during which he traveled the world, kindly asking world leaders to help contribute to the reducing of Lebanon's debt and the rebuilding of its infrastructure. All the major countries contributed in one way or the other and soon new hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, and schools were built. Today, Lebanon is once again becoming the bustling city it once was, its debt gradually being repaid and its economy revived; all thanks to Hariri's unprecedented efforts and perdeverence!

As in this example, change is gradual, but when it is for the good of someone or something, its effects are reconciling to everyone; and that is why, a person's will is, to a great degree, the best motivator for change.