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The Army is one of the largest and most technological institutions in the world. The product that the Army produces is highly motivated, well disciplined, physically and mentally fit Soldiers. Without the use of workflow management systems such as Formflow by Delrina, these Soldiers would be far less informed and prepared for their missions. Not to mention tracking Soldiers would be a logistical nightmare. Within the Army, there are a number of workflow management systems in use in order to speed up production and manage workflow. For the purpose of this paper, I will discuss the one that I am most familiar with, Formflow. At my level within the Army I have had extensive use of this software and I will discuss how I feel the Army is achieving positive results from the use of Formflow.

First, Formflow provides leaders with forms to assist them in conducting their periodic evaluations and counseling sessions.

As a leader, I use a form from Formflow to counsel my Soldiers on their duty performance each moth and yet another form to counsel my junior leaders and provide them with quarterly counseling and an annual evaluation. These counseling sessions allow leaders to provide the Soldiers with their perspective of their duty performance as well as what they can do to improve themselves and advance in their careers. These forms also allow for the Soldiers to provide feedback to the leaders to let them know where the Soldiers are lacking and what they as leaders can do to help the Soldier strengthen their weaknesses. In the event that a Soldier is eligible for promotion or in need of demotion, these counseling forms provide a written documented account of the duty performance and actions that have led up to the recommendation for promotion or...