Forming Of Democracy In The Early 1800's

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Many things shaped and formed democracy in the early eighteen hundreds. Westward expansion through the Missouri Compromise and the fight for Texas independence were vital in the development of democracy. Also, many events of the Second Great Awakening molded democracy. The main influences, however, were Jacksonian economic policies and the changes throughout electoral policies.

The Bank of the United States was a very good asset to the economic growth of the United States. It promoted economic expansion by making credit and currency fairly abundant. It also helped disburse and transfer funds and reduced bank failures, which helped the economy greatly. The pet banks also helped protect America's surplus funds. Jackson took all of the funds out the Bank of the United States, which was in danger because Nicholas Biddle was trying to manipulate the bank to force its recharter. He put the funds in pet banks to keep Biddle from draining the bank.

This was a great move to protect America's money.

The Tariff of Abominations was also a major influence of the development of democracy. Even though it was detrimental to the south, it opened up many opportunities for the west and New England states. The west could profit more from its agriculture and New England could bring more revenue from its manufactured goods. Not only did this help the economy in general, but it also helped the people get involved when Calhoun wrote the South Carolina Exposition against the Black Tariff. This made the people want to be a part of government, which indefinitely, is democracy.

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 also helped the economy. Jackson felt strongly for the Natives, and wanted to preserve their way of life. He felt that they could preserve their way of life and culture in the wide-open west, so he...