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The Forms The forms do exist. However, most people are not capable of realizing truth, beauty and goodness. People look at facts and data as truth. Truth is the actual reality behind the façade. What people believe to be true is a fabrication in their minds. A collection of ideas put there by parents, pastors and professors, who were taught by their parents, pastors and professors.

Beauty is a form that makes an onlooker's heart swell with joy and appreciation. True beauty can make a person laugh and cry in one simultaneous moment. Most people confuse beauty with lust. Or they call something beautiful that they merely know they would enjoy.

Goodness is very atypical in people. It only shows itself on rare occasions. Most of the time, people act out of selfishness than goodness. Those who regularly act out of goodness must strive against selfish impulses and urges. It is easy to confuse goodness with guilt.

A person acting out of guilt can appear noble and good, even if the motivation is plainly that s/he will have to look into a mirror sometime and doesn't want to be disgusted.

One's obligation to the forms is to realize them as best one can. This is not an easy task, considering that the forms are abstract and not observable on their own. One must always scan one's surroundings to try and find a glimpse of the forms. In doing this one may acquire a remote concept of what is to be emulated to achieve and realize the forms.