Forms of love expressed in the movie higher learning

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Love come ins many different forms and for that reason is an integral part of everyones life regardless of age or race. Higher learning displays many good examples of the different kinds of love, the typical romantic love, self love and cultural love.

Romantic love, a common theme in most movies is always the easiest to detect. Almost every character in the movie is dipicted as having romantic love, however Malik and Deja are the films best examples of romantic love. Malik and Deja originally bond though their mutual physical attraction and love of track. Over time the mutual hardships of adjusting to college life, and trying to fit in, in a predominately white environment strengthens their bond, and they become virtually inseperable. Romantic love also takes place simulatneously between Kristen, Taryn and Wayne. While Kristen struggles to regain her self love after being raped, she experiences romantic love with each although ultimately she finds love with Wayne.

Self love is another example of love evident in the movie, although the best examples seem to be lacking it. Early in the movie, Kristen is raped at party which results in her, doubting herself and no longer feeling comfortable with who she is. She has clearly caesed loving the person she once was. She then begins making drastic changes in her friends and lifestyle. She eventually winds up dating and almost sleeping with Taryn, a very open lesbian, before finally realizing that the life of a lesbian is not for her. The person in the movie with perhaps loves himself the least, is Remy. Remy is an outcast from the minute he arrives at the university. He continues to hate himself because he does not fit in which leads him to join the Aryan Nation, and eventually...