Forms of violence

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ViolenceThere are many different types of abuse; physical, verbal, sexual and mental, these are all forms of violence. Violence is found in many different situations; domestic violence, child and elder abuse to name a few. Violence can arise from many different sources; these sources whether biological, biochemical, and social all can evoke violent behavior. This paper will look into the different situations of violence in society today and some of their sources (Myers, 2008).

Violence within relationships, known as domestic violence was once kept quiet and viewed as a private family matter. Today however, abuse is viewed as a prevalent problem in today's society. According to research 36-50% of women will be abused in there lifetime. Abuse can be considered as an attempt to control, manipulate, or demean another by using physical, emotional or sexual tactics. Women sometimes abuse men, but nine times out of ten victims are female (Collins, 1999).

There are several types of abuse found in domestic violence; emotional or psychological abuse being verbal and non-verbal. This type of abuse is meant to cause isolation, intimidation and the power to control the abused. Emotional abuse often escalates into physical abuse. Physical abuse is considered the use of any physical force against another person. Sexual abuse according to research is common in abusive relationships. Sexual abuse is any situations were sex is forced upon another person. Another type of domestic abuse is economic or financial abuse, this type of abuse includes withholding money, preventing the partner from working in order to gain financial control over them (Collins, 1999).

Children that witness domestic violence often experience behavior or emotional problems. Older children tend to blame themselves for the abuse and often may step into the attention of the abuser in order to protect the abused parent. There is a...