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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper



Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

In today's workforce it is critical to understand the processes involved in problem-solving that leads to the course of making decisions. This essay will evaluate and compare the different decision-making methods across a variety of industries. With the use of today's modern technology, it is easier to chart our decisions and review the development and final outcome. In having a variety of decision-making processes, it is good to understand and contrast how each method is employed, ends results, and choose the best course of action available.

The first industry we will look at in the decision-making process is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). In protecting the safety of the general public and integrating offenders back into acceptance by society, TDCJ utilizes a logical thought process to identify problems and formulate resolutions quickly and effectively.

TDCJ processes are discussed, compared and choices are made relating to what has worked best in the past and how similar steps (much like a flow chart) can be applied towards new decisions. The system is one of hierarchy, with some empowerment to the individual, but with definite limitations of required approval before changing any methods that are pre-established. The problem here is that due to these regulations sometimes the system fails and sometimes the results are devastating. However, for the most part, the results of utilizing logical decision-making processes are extremely good and tend to prevent chaos and anarchy.

The logical thought processes of TDCJ actually employ a few simple steps to follow. These include:

What is the proposed idea?

What is the current way of doing things?

What benefits can be gained from the new idea?

What are the risks, what could...