Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump While sitting at a bus stop in Savannah Georgia Forrest Gump Played by Tom Hanks weaves throughout his past without skipping a beat. Although many of the patrons he meets at this bus stop feel he is crazy he also seems to stumble along some astonished listeners. This movie carried 6 Academy Awards and is arguably the best of our past decade. It is a hilarious historical timeline. Silly but serious this movie touches on many important historical events including, Vietnam, Desegregation, and Watergate. Many Americans took this film to heart, and could relate to the different events taking place in the movie.

This movie follows the story of Forrest Gump, a man with the IQ of 75 who manages to find himself in the middle of almost every major American historical event snore the second half of the twentieth century. Forrest has trouble attending regular school, academically and physically; he always seemed to stumble into things.

Although Forrest had the IQ of a donkey he ran his way into college one day as he was running from some High School bullies. He took a short cut through the University of Alabama's football field and amazed the head coach with his astonishing speed. Needless to say Forest goes on to be an All American football star.

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Some movies you may call powerful, some tragic, some memorable. Others you may call hilarious or fun. Although each of...