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1. Forrest Gump is a novel about a mentally challenged man who overcomes his handicap and explores the world in an adventurous way. Gump has no direction in life; he just spends each day discovering more and more about the world, without any plan or schedule to guide him.

"...I am tole they is lettin me out of the Army early. It don't take but a day or so, and then I am gone...Now I got to decide what to do." This proves how Gump goes from one adventure to the next, without knowing what to do or where to go next.

"...We got in the little rowboat an paddled up to Bayou La Batre an caught the bus to Mobile. The lady in the ticket office there say, "Where do you want to go?" an I shrugged my shoulders, so she say, "Why don't you go to Savannah? I been there once and it is a real nice town."

So that's what we did." This also proves how Gump has no direction in life, he just goes to different places for the sake of exploring them. He is very spontaneous.

2. One particular setting in this novel is when Gump sets up his own shrimping business, in the riverbanks of the Mississippi. The reasons why this is such a special setting is because:

a) the atmosphere during this time and place is very calm and relaxed. The reason for this mood is because Gump's dream of being a boat captain has been fulfilled, and he has found some peace and quiet; he no longer wanders around aimlessly.

b) Gump finally has a purpose in life. He is finally laboring and earning money the hard and honest way. He is at peace with himself. The reward for working hard, and...