Forshadowing in Of Mice And Men

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In the play "Of Mice and Men," it tells the story of a few adventures of two men in the Great Depression era. The two characters in the play which are emphasized are two men who go about searching for work from town to town. These men are known to the viewers as George and Lennie. George is a straight, patient man who takes it upon himself to look and care after Lennie. Lennie is a mentally challenged, huge man who doesn't know his own strength.

John Steinbeck, the author of the novel which the play is derived from, uses the literary technique of foreshadowing throughout the book. I'll use specific examples from the story of such foretold events and explain what part they play throughout the story.

First, I'll expound on the habit which Lennie has; or rather, his obsession. Lennie likes to pet soft items, such as material (fabric), hair, and especially fur.

He is also attracted to bright colors. One incident that Lennie had with his habit is he kept catching mice and petting them, then eventually killed them, often by mistake by pinching them too hard. This foreshadowing showed that he didn't know his own strength, didn't know how to control it. When he got one of Slim's puppies, he was just playing with it, and he smacked it a little too hard, killing the pup. He hadn't intentionally killed the dog, it was just his strength that got out of hand. When Curly tried to pick a fight with Lennie, Lennie had grabbed hold of Curly's hand and damaged it. He did this without knowing how badly he was crushing his hand. The last example of his habit for being attracted to soft materials and bright colors is when he and George were...