The Fortifications of Conwy Castle: Two Serfs' Views This is historically based as far as my sense of what serfs would have felt about seeing a castle being built

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In the year twelve hundred forty-three what is now Conwy Castle, previously Dolwyddelan Castle, was captured by King Edward I of England. This was an important military victory, and in the next 5 years major fortifications would be made to make the castle look close to what it looks like today.

While the fortifications were being made, two English serfs, from Rhuddlan Castle visited. Now these two serfs were just ordinary serfs, with the education and life skills that their parents had provided for them. They were traveling to a neighboring town, and they saw the fortifications being added to the castle, and were intrigued. Their conversation as they looked at and watched the fortifications being added was quite intelligent for serfs of their time.

"I don't see why we need to stop and look at these fortifications being built! It is just another castle getting more fortifications so that the nobility can protect us even more than this awful life of a nobody," John declared outraged.

Garion replied, "This is probably a mark in history that we can say we were at, even if we don't go down in the books as being here. Do it for posterity. If not for yourself, your children's children may be happy to say, 'Our grandfather witnessed the recent additions to this castle, and I'm proud he took the time to do it."

John replied back in a scoffing tone, "Garion, why must we look at this castle that's better than ours? Rhuddlan Castle will never be better than this one. I think King Edward should fortify our castle as well."

"Why must you question the King, John," Garion shot back.

"It is not as if loyalty has gotten me anywhere but in the fields," John heatedly argued.

"Let us stop...