Fossil Fuel Crisis

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The fossil fuel has become a necessity in the world. The use of fossil fuel has shown an explosive growth in the last few years. The production of cars, aero planes etc which can only be operated by using oil is increasing dramatically. The purpose of this report is to hold your attention about a very common problem, which is about the fuel crisis. Fossil fuel crisis has objective and subjective causes that can create serve consequences in to the rich and poor countries and it has solutions too. "Fuel crisis" is a crisis which occurs because of over consumption of fossil fuel in order to produce heat or power, and which can harm the long-term survival of a firm or brand. This report is based on the objective and subjective causes of fuel crisis and to categorize the consequences between rich and poor countries and finally the solution.

Fuel crisis is a threat faced by every developing and developed county.

The price of oil is increasing speedily and several causes contribute to the problems of fuel crisis including objective and subjective causes.

One of the most important factors contributing to the cause of fossil fuel crisis is the objective causes. Geologist Colin Campbell estimates that the world fuel supply will peak by 210 and it will become half of that level by 2025 - 30. As Hubbert predicted in 1956, US lost its role as the largest oil producer in the world.

Moreover why the US went to war in Iraq according to Actor Viggo was not as Bush claimed. According to him, the war was mainly concentrated about the future control of crude oil rather than fighting about tourism and finding the weapons of Saddam.

Surprisingly the real cause of the fuel crisis is due a highly centralized...