This is about when I found out my friend killed herself.

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She slammed her hand down on the alarm clock as it sounded to remind her it was 6:30. She laid in bed reminiscing about her dream she had been so rudely awaken from. She was eating ice cream up in the sky on the big fluffy clouds with Cookie Monster. It was a good dream. She slowly got out of bed and stretched her arms to the ceiling. She glanced over at her clock, 6:50! She quickly got dressed into the first thing she could find and ran out the door to catch her ride. She arrived at school on time and slowly trudged to hell-school. She went to all her classes and sat solemnly in her classes. In her seventh period class she gazed longingly at the clock that separated her from freedom. The clock struck 2:10 and she bolted out of the class room to the hallway that was her safe haven during the day.

Her friend, Sophie ran up to her excitedly, "Aren't you excited? Season finale of One Tree Hill! Tonight 8 o'clock!" They both squealed with anticipation. "One Tree Hill" was her favorite show, and she watched it religiously. She waved bye to all her friends as she headed for home. She decided she would skip out on her ride home since it was such a pretty day and she walked home.

As she walked home she noticed the clouds up in the sky they were big and fluffy just like in her dream the night before. She thought that the world was so beautiful and wonderful around her. She finally made it home and began to do the dreaded homework. Her homework was really starting to pile up, since it was third quarter, the teachers were really pushing it. She...