"Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

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In Foundation, the Foundation has many different types of rulers, who all ruled using their own personal ingenuity and habits. Hari Seldon was the father of psychohistory and used his knowledge to predict virtually every possible outcome in history, and calculate their probabilities. Salvor Hardin used his own charisma, intelligence, and ability to anticipate other people's reactions to bring the Foundation off of one planet and into an empire. It also helped him that he had a set of useful sayings that influenced his actions and reactions very nicely. Hober Mallow was a merchant through and through; and used his economic know-how to keep the Foundation economically and technologically ahead of everyone else. Even though all of them had their own areas of expertise, they all had the same effect and caused the Foundation to grow from a planet in the corner of the galaxy to the most powerful name and place in the galaxy.

Hari Seldon was the creator of the most important science in the history of the galaxy. He single-handedly created psychohistory, the science of predicting mass reactions to stimuli, and used it to discern what events lay in the future. Using these findings, he found that the only way to prevent a thirty thousand year interregnum between galactic empires was to create the Foundation. Before any of this, however, he spent years calculating every single events probability that was even noticeably possible. He influenced the arrest and exile of himself and his psychohistorians onto Terminus, where he founded the Foundation, the last realm of scientific knowledge and growth. He further embeds himself into the Foundation by recording specific advice according to the specific crises that the Foundation will meet if they follow his plan and earlier advice. He puts these recordings into a time-release holographic...