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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

Foundation Schools has been successful at providing education to special needs students in the past but now has new challenges, such as revenue increasing, that require the hard work of a project team. This means that a new structure needs to be put in place for Foundation Schools to be successful in reaching the tough new goals. Identified will be how to successfully implement a framework for project teams and the importance of a strong culture in project management.

Describe the Situation

There does not appear to be a framework for operations within the Foundation School project team. There is no clear project manager which is causing confusion and identification with the project. The end state vision is very broad and does not lead to a conclusive success for the project. Teachers do not feel compelled to change teaching style to incorporate the LifeSkills software.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

By utilizing a dedicated team and enhancing the culture in a way that stresses the importance of teamwork and job dedication, Foundation Schools will be able to not only increase revenue for the organization, but help improve the lives of the students of Foundation Schools as well. A strong team is able to balance what is important for many stakeholders. With the framework that is implemented this will be an easy task for the project team.

Frame the "Right" Problem

Foundation schools will increase revenue and funding by improving the performance and functionality of program team.

"End-State" Vision

Foundation Schools is a leader in providing special needs students the education necessary to live an independent life. By utilizing the LifeSkills software, the teachers at Foundation Schools were able to increase the efficiency of learning for the students and increase the teacher/student...