Foundations of Education

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It is really interesting how the two months I have spent so far in The School of Education have affected my attitudes towards a number of education-related issues. The different topics I have dealt with in Foundations of Education, Psychology of Learning and Development, The Art and Practice of Teaching, as well as Literacy across the Curriculum have, to a further extent, shaped my thinking as to the two core education processes--teaching and learning. Before plunging into elucidating how these courses have affected my views, I would like first to bring into focus how I came to choose The School of Education and what kind of influences led me to decide to pursue a career in education.

Two main factors have shaped my decision to pursue a career in teaching. To begin with, I taught English for middle school students for one year. This teaching experience helped me better explore the question of what it means to be a teacher.

Each day, I would discover new things about teaching; I, for example, started having insight into how to deal with students, what kind of tone a teacher should stick to in class, as well as into how a teacher comes to handle problems cropping up from time to time. My teaching middle school students for one year did attract my attention to the profession of teaching. The second factor centers on my admiration for a teacher of mine in high school-a real teacher. I can never forget his words: "Teaching is an art," Teacher El kandoussi would say. He has never conceived of teaching as a profession but rather as an art. To him, teachers are artists; they are endowed with talent-teaching talent. He made me love teaching as a profession. El kandoussi is a highly skilled and talented teacher;...