The Four Functions of Management

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Organizations have several things in common, they consist of people with formally assigned roles who must work together to achieve stated goals. They need not be just business firms, but do also consist of nonprofits, governments, and colleges. In any organization the entrepreneur must engage in supervision and management to achieve goals of the organization. A manager would hire the employees, ensure they are properly trained and know what to do, ensure that employees work together, and monitor whether the employees are doing their share to reach the goals of the organization. The basic fundamentals of management can be applied to the small organizations just as readily as to the giant organizations. Included in the management concept are four basic functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. The relative importance of these functions depends upon the situation and nature of the given organization.

Planning: the function of selecting enterprise objectives, department goals and programs and determining ways of reaching them.

Where will the organization be in the future and what needs to get done to get it there? Intelligent planning requires the consideration of many variables; it may be necessary to look over past records carefully. Yesterday's information may hold the key to tomorrow and therefore, the organizations success. Successful planning must grow out of past performance.

I work as a licensed assistant to a top producing real estate agent. Whether you are in the business 5 years, as I have been or 21 years, as my boss has been, the determination never leaves you. Planning starts from day one and continues until you change careers or retire. Determining how much of the market my boss is willing to take on or sacrifice, budgeting, development of image and maintaining her reputation are part of my every day plan for...