Four functions of Management.

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Planning - A good manager needs to know how to plan. You can not get anything done without a plan. We need planning to set our goals and objectives. We use planning to come up with a time frame in which we want to reach our goals that can be used to measure the company's and our own success. At my company to measure our statistics and our numbers monthly we come up with a plan at the end of the year for next years goal. We call this our Policy Deployment meeting, in these meetings we discuss how we measure up to the goal we set for various categories we use to measure what our customers want. Here at Veeder Root we try to have these meetings once a month, where all the department heads discuss our measures and any counter measure we may need to put into place.

Organizing - A good manager needs to know their team. Everyone has things they excel at when compared to a group. It is the manager's job to know who and what those talents are, recognize them, and delegate tasks accordingly. Also to go along with that, the manager needs to know which employees need what training to get them up to speed in the areas they lack in. Just knowing when the slow times are takes organization skills, if there even are any slow periods. Knowing who to delegate certain tasks to produces an efficient team. An efficient team produces fewer errors and will obtain the goal faster and easier, in turn raising productivity and company growth.

Leading - A good manager needs to know how to lead. In the Navy I learned a lot about leadership, I was even able to attend a couple classes on the subject.