The Four Functions of Management

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Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the main functions of management. High-level managers must set goals, develop sales strategies, and organize those goals and strategies for their organization not only for today, but also for the long term. They also need to encourage, motivate, and ensure that regional, district, and store managers accomplish those goals and strategies. Lower-level managers must then utilize these functions to see that the company's overall goals are met, but also the individual goals for their region, district, or store.

As a retail store manager, I am more concerned with the implementation and planning of short-term goals. Monthly sales quotas, work schedules, employee training, and inventory control are part of my monthly action plan. Monthly sales quotas must be met. To accomplish this I have to plan work schedules to ensure adequate coverage on the sales floor without creating too much overtime. Employee training is crucial because of the ever-changing technology in the wireless industry.

Employee training may also serve another purpose. According to T. L. Stanley, "Continual reinforcement and additional training will increase employee confidence in themselves and the organization" (Know Each Employee section, 3). I also have to ensure there is adequate inventory to meet customer demand. My plans differ from the district and regional managers. Their plans for the company are geared toward the bigger picture.

My supervisors have to plan for the long-term; where the company is now, and where it will be in the future. They need to keep up to date with fast changing technology and how the company can achieve greater sales through the use of that technology. Of course, without good organization it would be hard to accomplish any goals even with the best of plans.

Making certain that my store has a competent sales staff...