Four Functions of Management

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Management has four main functions that are necessary for management to work the way it needs to. These four functions are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning is the first function and with out it the other functions would be achievable. This entire function is based on the planning of many different parts of the company be it the ethical, marketing, or even the strategic parts of the position. The next function is organizing where any plans that have been attained are reviewed and gathered into an orderly fashion. There need to be structures followed for this specific function and these structures are applied to many more portions of a company. The third function is leading; leading refers to the leadership of management. All employees in companies even management see everyone higher on the business ladder as a leader. This function is exactly that leadership and good leadership leads to a workplace that will excel in their market.

Lastly is controlling which the main component here is delegation. A good manager leads his or her team to the top by delegating tasks and duties to their employees. These tasks and duties will very by person as the manager uses these tasks to mold each employee.

I personally am in the retail portion of the wireless market. I have been a sales representative and have moved my way to the top. I feel that it was all thanks to my manager at that time. He used the controlling function to delegate tasks onto me to get me educated and confident enough to take his spot. While he delegated inventory and store numbers tasks to me my co-worker was cleaning and organizing accessories. Not realizing that I was always doing the managers tasks it greatly improved my confidence when I was offered...