The Four Functions of Management

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Running Head: Week One Individual Paper

The Four Functions Of Management

Sanjeet Kaur Singh

Management 330

University of Phoenix


The four functions of management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, are very essential in building strong organizations and even stronger more effective teams. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the functions of management. These function activities must be performed by all managers regardless of their industry level, title, or the task they have at hand. These four management skill are used whenever a project or a task is at hand. Even in the field we are working in, many of us may have been using the four management functions and not noticed what they were, or we may have been a part of a team that was lead by the functions of management and not noticed what was going on.

The Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

There are certain functions of management that all businesses and organizations must adhere to.

Without a strict set of disciplines, any business or organization will fail. There will be udder chaos within the organization. This is the reason that the four functions of management were set in place. A good manager must implement, practice apply these management techniques in order to insure the survival of the organization within which they are employed. The four functions of management include: planning, leading, organizing, and leading. In the following few pages I will be briefly explaining the functions of management and will also include an example of how these functions are implemented into the organization(s) of which I am employed (West Modesto/King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative and Stanislaus Multi-Cultural Health Coalition).


The first aspect of management is planning. Planning is the base of...