The Four Functions of Managements

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The Four Functions of Managements

The Four Functions of Managements

Xavier J. Storr

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The Four Functions of Managements

Introduction to Management

Management is the main function of any successful business, organization, or association. Management is made of four distinct categories, planning, and organization, leading controlling. The four functions of management have different characteristics, but once conjoined they all form the characteristics of a successful manger.


Management includes developing a plan, which includes defining management goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for a success of the task on hand. It also includes implementing the projects plan, along with careful controls to stat on the "critical path" that is, to ensure the plan is being managed according to plan. Considering the fact that I have been in the U. S. Coast Guard for 13 years I have hade several opportunities to plan, and execute a successful evolution.

A great example of planning has been demonstrated in the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters office building over the last couple months. My division decided to a new building. This was a monumental task considering my division consists of over 600 people. A consulting firm did the planning phase of for the division move. Once the logistics of the division move were complete a division instruction for the move was created. The instruction clearly explained exactly what to expect. This is a modest description of planning, but If not planned correct this evolution would have been a disaster.


Organizing is the command, control and feedback relationships among employees in an agency, and their information. The data flow structure for the performance management system generally follows the organizational structure. Begin the paragraph for...