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As I glanced out the window, I saw the sun rising in the distance and sunlight falling on the grass, wind blowing in the trees swaying them back and forth, and the garden ripening with blackberries. I closed the sapphire blue curtains and sat on the cinnamon couch. The smell of honey reminded me of my second home, Vermont. I took a seat at the maple breakfast table and gulped the rest of my orange juice. I dashed into Sarah's bedroom to find her still asleep. Like usual I woke up hours before my cousins. I covered her nose with my hand and she awoke in moments. I changed from my lime green sweats into jeans and a milky white tank top.

"So, what are we doing today?"

"Oh! We can drive my dad's new car! It'd be so much fun Sara!"

"Sweet! That sounds good to me! Should we wake Alison and Liah up?"

"Yeah. Here I'll wake Christy up because my sister will get pissed if she finds out I woke her."

"Hahaha." I scrambled down the hall and threw a pillow at Alison. She was a light sleeper, so it didn't take much to wake her.

"What was that for? It's like 8 in the morning! Let me sleep you crazy girl!"

"No. We have to get up now because we're going to drive your dad's tractor or four wheeler or something like that."

"Oh in that case. I'm going first!"

She threw her rose sheets off of her and threw on sweats and a sweatshirt. All the girls stumbled down the stairs and raced towards the maple door. The black and white Beagle, Sandy, began yelping to be let in as we shoved sandals in our feet.

The clink clack of the keys ringed in...