"The Fourth World War"

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The Film "The Fourth World War" by Rick Rowley portrayed to us in a clear-cut manner, many real-life situations from around the globe. The sometimes-shocking footage presented gave viewers an insightful and concise understanding of real life occurrences that have become normal parts of life in other areas of the world. The film was able to reflect the chaotic state of the world and shed some light on the harsh realities of the world outside our comfortable lives in North America.

Essentially, organizations and agreements that encourage free trade such as the WTO and NAFTA have proven themselves to be the underlying causes of many of the uprisings. Although these organizations and treaties were initially to protect the 'under-developed world', they instead are blamed for the opposite. The problem is that these organizations can merely suggest ideas for the ideal world, but more and more they appear to be no more than figureheads in today's game of international politics.

The power still lies within the developed world. As a result we have developing nations struggling to increase wealth while the developed world sit back and reap the benefits. The film almost brutally demonstrates how protests and uprisings can influence the decisions made by governmental organizations. The movements in South Africa, where many gathered to protest against the government is a prime example, and after much deliberation they emerged victorious. The film included several other uprisings as examples that lead to many more 'victories for the little guys'. This gives the viewer hope for a global front on free trade. Many smaller scaled uprisings can occur and result in victory. Is a global protest not possible to stop the negative affects of Free Trade? Horrific events documented in this film such as seeing the little girl in Palestine that...