Fox hunting what should happen?

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Fox hunting, what should we do about it?

Alun Michael, Labour MP said, "This bill will ensure all cruelty associated with hunting with dogs will be banned. No doubts, no compromise, no uncertainty, no delay, a ban on the cruelty and sport of hunting in the lifetime of this parliament. The sooner the bill moves forward the sooner it can ban cruelty." The bill will ensure that cruelty that is associated with hunting will stop with no compromises. I agree with what Alun Michael, Labour MP said, a ban is what is needed not a compromise but I do feel that a total ban is would be better not a bill. Although others will feel strongly that a ban or anything similar should not be imposed.

He also said "... any MP's backing an amendment tabled by Tony Banks, Labour MP for West Ham, which would ban hunting would be voting to delay the Bill."

But Mr Banks argued that only a total ban was acceptable while the Government's hunting bill was a compromise and would not satisfy Labour, supporters who were promised the party would outlaw hunting. I agree with Tony Banks that what is needed is a total ban and not a bill to be imposed on fox hunting. Even though that it may take a little longer than the bill to be imposed it would be worth the wait.

Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, who made a series of powerful speeches attacking the Government warned MP's they may never be a better chance to outlaw hunting: "Today is the day-if we don't seize this moment it will not come back" he said.

Mr Michael insisted no "sleight of hand was at work" and that the Government Bill would prevent the "wind full, prolonged...