The 'fragility of father/son relationships' in "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini

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Essay Question: Analyse how important incidents helped you understand a main theme or issue.

In the "Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini the 'fragile relationships between fathers and sons' is a significant idea. Throughout the text the author relies on a few key incidents to reveal the theme to the reader.

An important incident at the start of the novel reveals Amirs selfishness as he expresses his want to have his father all to himself. "…I lied and said Hassan was sick. I wanted Baba (father) all to myself". Amir does not want his socially inferior servant (Hassan) to interfere as he desperately wants his father to love and accept him. Even from the outset we see that Amir yearns to be accepted by his father. Furthermore, this belief and dialogue foreshadows Amirs subsequent actions in a later incident in which he sacrifices Hassan for the perceived acceptance of his father.

Baba's unwillingness to accept Amir is outlined in an incident pertaining to Amirs story. Like his now deceased mother, Amir loves to read and write. He writes a story and proudly presents it to Baba. Baba rejects him "I (Amir) felt like I was breathing bricks…Baba kept on staring me down and didn't offer to read." Amir is devastated. "Usually I worshipped Baba with an intensity approaching the religious - but right then I wished I could open my veins and drain all his cursed blood from my body" and "I sat on my bed and wished Rahim Kahn ( Baba's friend) had been my father." Both support this notion. Baba wants Amir to conform to his ideals; "Real men didn't read poetry and god forbid they should ever write it. Real men played soccer just as Baba had done when he was young". This fragility in their...