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Jiaqi Han

Catherine Black


Sep 23rd 2014

In The Frame

Some people may go to the pub to drink with their friends when they feel lonely; some people enjoy in lighting one or two cigarettes and finishing them in the corner when they feel lost; some people choose to have a good cry in the dark empty house. But for me, there is nothing better than sitting down in front of my table, under the warm light, keeping my attention on that special photo, which is in that special grey frame, and let my thoughts running into the past for a while.

The number on the right corner of the photo is 2004/01/01 00:03. At that monument, the living room, where the photo was captured, was filled with smiling faces. On the left corner of the photo, my father who is tall and slim was holding the wine glass, making a toast to my grandfather with a long grey beard.

My uncle, whose laugh was always loud, was standing next to them, trying to refill their glasses as long as they finished. In the centre of the picture, the big rounded table was almost full with food and my mom was still keep sending new dishes to the table. She was so beautiful in that time, especially with her glorious floral Qipao. With hands full of red envelops, in which full of lucky money from every relative, I was sitting on the carpet on the right side of the table, and my little dog was clinging to my leg, just like she also wanted to figure out how much money was inside. My big smiling face was in the centre of the picture, which was captured by my baby sitter.

On the back of the photo,