France vs. America Comparative Essay

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Both America and France began a revolution with the goals of getting out of debt and economic depression by trying to tax certain groups of people; France taxed their poor middle class while America taxed their colonists. The American Revolution began in 1775, and the French Revolution occurred shortly after in 1789. Both countries had similar goals of getting out of debt from previous wars, but each country had different outcomes. America began a democracy, while France continued to change forms of government over time.

The British North American colonies and the French colonies were both in major debt due to wars. America had been in the French and Indian War, and France had been in the 7 Years War. France was also suffering from economic depression due to poor harvests, which decreased trade, jobs, and manufacturing. France had urban poverty and rural suffering. It was a goal to try to get out of debt, so both colonies tried to tax their citizens to gain revenue.

America taxed the colonists while France taxed their poor middle class, and also attempted to tax their nobility. Another goal for both colonies was for the people to have free expression of speech and equality as well as a representative government.

The North American colonies faced more problems that also caused their revolution. One problem was the danger of war with Amerindians as the colonists expanded west. Since this expansion would make the Indians mad, the colonies knew they could not afford to go into another war, and placed restrictions. Protests occurred and the Indians were becoming mad so the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774 placed borders and limits to colonist expansion. There was also a need to raise taxes to pay for administration and defense. The Stamp Act of...