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Hypothetical Essay Titles With the aid of examples: "¢ Explain the term globalization and what it's effects have been upon modern organizations? "¢ Discuss the major characteristics of multinational enterprises (MNE's) and how they typically manage their internationalization process? "¢ Outline are the cultural implications for managers as the internationalization process matures? What is Globalization? "¢ "The production and distribution of products and services of a homogeneous type and quality on a world wide basis."� (Naylor, 1999) "¢ Move away from production and sales in a domestic environment.

"¢ A response to a changing competitive environment.

Difference between the terms Internationalization and globalization "¢ Internationalization is the increasing geographical dispersion of economic activities across national boundaries. (We will revisit later in the seminar.) "¢ Globalization is an advanced form of internationalization which implies a degree of integration between internationally dispersed activities.

Features supporting Globalization (cited in Naylor, 1999; Daft, 1994) "¢ Accommodation among political systems.

"¢ Open world economy.

"¢ Increasing awareness and respect for other cultures.

"¢ Development in communications.

"¢ "˜Global village' effect.

Overview of developments There has always been international trade, but now there are many regulatory bodies: "¢ NAFTA; ASEAN; EU "¢ International trade negotiations - The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; The Treaty of Rome & The Single European Act "¢ The World Trade Organization (WTO).

Drivers of Globalization (cited in Boddy and Patton, 1998) "¢ Increases in innovation and technology.

"¢ Accelerated growth of Foreign Direct Investment.

"¢ The growth of intra firm trade (Make or buy in one country and export to another).

"¢ The growth of complex supply arrangements - joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions.

Causalities of Globalization "¢ Geographical effect - 1st versus 3rd world economies.

"¢ Multinational dominance effects decolonisation - recolonisation.

"¢ Weakening of national cultures,