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Francis Macomber Ernest Hemingway has a very unique style of writing his books or stories. The good things about these stories are that his endings are something you would never expect. Also, he repeats things often, so you will not forget what had happened. The parts I dislike about his writings is that he repeats things too often and can make you fall asleep since it gets so tedious. Some characteristics I have picked up from him are, that he does not treat woman very well and makes men greater than woman. The points above are my viewpoints of the author Ernest Hemingway.

This story was interesting, because Francis Macomber was not daring and had a very beautiful wife. The only reason why he had a wife so beautiful was because she was able to control him and whatever she had wanted she was able to get from him.

Francis Macomber was on a hunting trip with a man named Wilson and his wife, while on the trip he noticed that Wilson and his wife had been clicking very well and had started to like each other, but he said nothing about it. It all started when they were in the safari and Francis was told to hunt a lion, but was too afraid and caused Wilson and his wife to lose all respect for him. On his next hunting attempt he was told to hunt down a bull and he knew he had to or he would lose his wife forever. So, he was able to hunt down the bull. After killing the bull, he gained a lot of confidence and got respect from Wilson back, but his wife was starting to get nervous because she found out that Macomber now has a lot of control and she might not have everything her way again. When he went to bring the bull in, after it had been thought to be killed it got back up because it had not been killed and started to pursue Macomber. His wife then picked up one of the guns and was thought to try and kill the bull but missed and killed her husband.

In conclusion, I believe that Macomber's wife may not have been trying to kill the bull, because she may have realized that her husband is gaining lots of confidence and she is going downhill. She realized that her looks are not as good as they were when she was younger and might be worried about losing control in the relationship. I have learned that Hemingway's stories are very shocking. I think that Hemingway is a great author and you will never expect what to happen because what you think will happen will not