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Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. His father, Edward Fitzgerald, owned a family business that was selling furniture in St. Paul. When the company went out of business in 1898, his father picked up his family and moved out to Syracuse, New York where his sister was born Annabel Fitzgerald. Two years later his father moves the family to Buffalo, New York in turn for accepting a job offer as a salesman.

When hi father lost his job in buffalo, he returned to St. Paul and entered the St. Paul Academy in September of 1908. In 1913 he entered Princeton University with the class of 1917. He drops out his junior year to take a year off and graduates with the class of 1918. He then is commissioned as infantry 2nd lieutenant while he is on academic probation. The Army sends him to Camp Sheridan in Montgomery, Alabama where he meets Zelda at a country club dance.

He then is sent to Long Island, New York, but the was ends before his unit was sent over seas.

After his discharge from the Army, he goes to New York to work for Barron Collier advertising agency. He then discovers that Zelda decides to break off the engagement. Which leads him to quit his advertising job and return hoe where rewrites his novels living with parents. After his revision, Maxwell Perkins f Scribner's accepts his first novel, "This side of Paradise." He returns to visit Montgomery and resumes his engagement with Zelda in January of 1920. Shortly after "This side of Paradise" is published. On April 3rd 1920, he and Zelda get married at rectory of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York and have their Honeymoon at the Biltmore Hotel Then in October 1921 he has his first daughter who he names Scottie. After the two of them rent a house in West Point, Connecticut where he publishes Flappers and Philosophers, which was his first short story collection.

Then in 1922 "The Beautiful and the Dammed" is published. Following that, in the same year, "Tales of the Jazz Age" is published which completes his second short story collection. After the publication, he goes to Europe and writes "The Great Gatsby." But he revises it in 1924 before it was published in 1925. Then in February of 1926 "The Great Gatsby" is preformed on Broadway. In the same year, "All the Sad Young Men" was published and this completed his third short story collection.

He the returns to America in late 1926 only to return to Europe in 1928. Where Zelda has one of three breakdowns in Paris. Then in 1934 Fitzgerald writes and has published "Tender is the Night." He then becomes deeply in debt and goes to Hollywood for the third time with a six-month M-G-M contract at $1,000 a week July of 1937. Over a course of four years he writes and works on "Three Comrades" script, which is his only screen edit.

Then in April of 1939 Fitzgerald goes to Cuba and goes on bender and is hospitalized on his return to New York. He then works on "The Last Tycoon." And in 1940 he moves to Hollywood again where he dies of a heart attack on December 21st 1940, never seeing the publication of "The Last Tycoon" and "The Portable F. Scott Fitzgerald." His wife Zelda after being released for numerous mental institutes dies on March 10th 1948. The two are buried together in March of 1948. Then later the two were reentered in the cemetery of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rockville, Maryland