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Franco Olivero Per:7 English 9-1 A difficult decision In life there are many decisions that have to be made. Some have to be done whether is the right thing. However some decisions have to be made even if they are not what is wanted but, just because is the right to do them. In the short story "the wife of his youth", the main character-Mr. Ryder- has to make the decision to keep his long lost wife or the woman he loves. At the end he keeps the wife of his youth. There are many reasons that affected his decision. There are three main reasons that I believe, made Mr. Ryder keep his wife. The first reason is that he still has some affection for her, the second reason for which I believe he chose his wife is that he felt sorry for her, and the last reason that affected his decision is that he believes is the right thing to do.

I believe that he still had some affection for her, even thought it had been a long time, he still felt some love for her, because she was the woman that love him during slavery, and took care of him. You could see that he love her, "he swore that when he reach 21 he would be back for me and by my freedom", by this quote it can be tell that he felt great love for her and that he wouldn't forget her. Is possible that he when back for her ,but she wasn't there, so he stop looking for her. But now that she is back and he has found a new wife he hesitates on taking her back. But he always fell love for her deep inside.